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Sunday, June 6, 2021
Delivery of Care
R.I. Attorney General Peter Neronha, surrounded by his legal team, announcing the decision to approve the transfer of ownership of Prospect Medical Holdings for two Rhode Island hospitals, conditioned on the creation of an $82 million escrow account.
By Richard Asinof

Part ONEPROVIDENCE - R.I. Attorney General Peter Neronha showed his true grit, acting as the state's number-one public health advocate with authority granted him under the Hospital ...

Delivery of Care
Part TWOPROVIDENCE - In less than 40 minutes, R.I. Attorney General Peter Neronha delivered a master class on the financial problems with for-profit, private equity of financing of hospitals in ...

Delivery of Care
Part THREEPROVIDENCE - The unprecedented decision by R.I. Attorney General Peter Neronha to create an $80 million escrow fund as a condition of the change in ownership at Prospect Medical ...

Innovation Ecosystem
PROVIDENCE - In a time of increasing partisan divide around so many issues, advocacy on behalf of issues central to reproductive freedom and justice has become even more challenging. The ...