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Finding a future path forward with animal Reiki

Local high school senior seeks to follow her passion in applying the healing process for animals

Photo courtesy of Chloe Moers

Chloe Moers is pursuing a healing path with animal Reiki

By Chloe Moers
Posted 11/18/19
A local high school student shares her beliefs around the healing powers of Reiki for animals.
What are the ways that allopathic medicine can embrace alternative forms of healing in their practices? What are the different kinds of healing practices and therapies using pets that are now being deployed in Rhode Island? How many skilled nursing facilities in Rhode Island have planned visits by therapy dogs?
Connectedness is considered by many in the recovery community to be the opposite of addiction. The practice of yoga and mindfulness has been proven to have enormous healing potential and the capability to relieve stress and to help overcome trauma. Learning to take care of ourselves, and to listen to our own bodies, and to be aware of the world around us are all skills that may seem naïve to some. But they may also provide us with survival skills in a world disrupted by man-made climate change threats.

PROVIDENCE – Reiki is a form of energy healing that was first discovered in Japan in the late 1800s and since then, it has been proven to reduce stress, pain and anxiety, and accelerate the healing process.

I first learned this at the age of 15, but I began doing energy healing at the age of 13. I didn’t know what I was doing. All I knew was that it helped my friends and whomever was around me that was suffering.

But, as an amateur, I would use energy to take on the pain and suffering of those around me. This drained me excessively, and one day my mom realized what I had been doing and introduced me to Reiki.

I attended my first Reiki workshop at the age of 15 and fell in love. I immediately started using this amazing energy constantly. It became my entire life. I did not go even 10 minutes throughout the day without using it for something, whether it was for giving my food or drink a burst of energy, helping out an animal, a person or putting a wave of protection to not get called on by a teacher.

No matter what the reason was, I was able to work with Reiki and so I gained a new best friend that I could always depend on.

Channeling the energy
I realized that this energy is constantly around us and is able to be used for an infinite amount of purposes.

From energy healing then came channeling. I learned about higher selves and began having mine speak through me. Then I moved onto trees, then multi-dimensional beings and finally spirits of people who have passed.

My first-ever client was a close family friend. She was always a spiritual leader for me and inspired me to fight for being the change I want to see in the world.

She enforced how everything in life is temporary and that the world needs more superstars to shed love and light on humanity.

When I became certified in Level 2 Reiki [being a practitioner able to practice on people] she was the first one who paid to have an hour with me. She had a major release from the experience and felt healed and well. We even exchanged visual images! It was an amazing experience and gave me the confidence to move forward and to try with new people.

Discovering what was missing

By age 16 I had clients and felt that I had found my purpose, but something felt like it was missing. I had always had a connection to the animal kingdom. Since birth I was a vegetarian and became a raw vegan weightlifter at age 15, before transitioning to vegan.

I have always been an animal activist and would love all animals unconditionally. As a kindergartener I would put my hands in a dome shape around anthills to prevent kids stepping on them at lunch. They would step on my hands but I wouldn’t mind, because I knew I was saving lives and entire villages.

I still value the life of an ant the same as the life of a person as each one has a life, a family and a purpose just like every human.

I knew I needed to be there for the animal kingdom. Animals have so much wisdom yet they are not given a voice in this world and have been left the biggest victims of environmental destruction and climate change, with more than 150 species going extinct every day, and 3 billion animals being killed for food every single day.

I knew that someone had to do something about it. And that someone had to be me. So I decided that I wanted to become an animal rights lawyer until I realized what law school would do to me. The idea of saying “your honor” and submitting to man-made government would kill my spirit and create more anger than peace within me.

Animal Reiki
Everything we feel is a vibration we put out which means that love not anger should be put out. That’s when I found Anna Breytenbach, a famous animal communicator from South Africa. Her documentary led me to learn animal communication, and from there, I came to animal Reiki, and I realized this was the way I would help animals and help people realize how special they are.

When an animal is traumatized and terrified of people or when one is injured or is experiencing any sort of suffering, and you are able to be that healing light for them and give them energy, it is truly transforming. Each and every animal I have worked with has helped me open my heart and has taught me how to be a better person. Seeing a limp going away or an animal stop pacing is beautiful, and beauty is what we live for.

As humans, we must embrace unconditional love, connection to nature and each other and follow our passion, or else, the world will not know peace.

Chloe Moers is a Providence high school student who is a frequent contributor to ConvergenceRI.

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