Delivery of care
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By Richard Asinof
PROVIDENCE – The fourth definition of mouthpiece, according to my very worn hard copy of the American College Dictionary, following definitions of an object put into a musical instrument such …
By Richard Asinof
PROVIDENCE – For much of 14th century, there were two competing popes, one in Rome, Italy, the other in Avignon, France, in what became known as the Great Papal Schism, a divide centered more …
By Richard Asinof
PROVIDENCE – Giving birth is a primal experience where the connection between the mother and her medical team serves as a dynamic relationship of call and response, involving trust, …
By Richard Asinof
PROVIDENCE – It was a busy news day, with lots of bright, shiny objects to follow in the never ending search for truth, justice and the American way.U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions …
By Richard Asinof
PROVIDENCE – Repeal, replace, repair or retain? Congress and the nation appear transfixed by the debate about what to do with Obamacare. After eight years of running against Obamacare, …
By Richard Asinof
PROVIDENCE – Call it a belated, forced intervention. After more than six months of denial, Gov. Gina Raimondo finally admitted that the software system built by Deloitte that was the IT …
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