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By Richard Asinof
PROVIDENCE – There are always daily choices to make in life about how one invests his or her time. For a reporter, those choices often revolve around what events to cover, and what not to …
By Richard Asinof
PROVIDENCE – Two professors at the University of Washington in Seattle, evolutionary biologist Carl Bergstrom and data scientist Jevin West, are teaching a seminar on information literacy, …
By Richard Asinof
PROVIDENCE – It was, as Jason Harry described it, a learning moment in the innovation ecosystem. Harry, an associate professor of the Practice, Engineering, at Brown University, was performing …
By Richard Asinof
PROVIDENCE – If there were an awards ceremony for the best research initiative launched in 2016 by a collaborative research program in Rhode Island, the winner would no doubt be the Advance …
By Richard Asinof
BOSTON – Make no mistake. Under the Trump administration, it is not just the news media that is under attack as purveyors of fake news and an enemy of the people. It is also science, scientific …
By Richard Asinof
PROVIDENCE – Like a winter storm that produces a mixture of snow, freezing rain and rain, there was a mix of news on the lead poisoning front last week, much of it occurring under the radar …

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